1K Paris for 1K Flavors

Our culinary host during our trip to Paris was the amazing 1K Paris. Their venue offers a complete oasis of Peruvian atmosphere in the heart of the French capital. The refined interior design of the restaurant stands in perfect harmony with the food served. Here are some of our favorite dishes we highly recommend in case of a visit. 

1. Peruvian Pisco cocktails to go very slow on. They are a trap and also so delicious. 2. Ensalada Limeña one of the best avocado salads ever. 3. Edemame was a surprise for us, since we always think of it as a Japanese dish. Hence, our guide for the night Florinon, also restaurant manager, explained that the Peruvians have adopted and adapted this delicious dish into their culinary variety. 4. Ceviche 1K, Florinons suggestion was a great mixture of flavors. 5. Tiradito de Pescado (personal favorite). 6. Pulpo (octopus dish very colorful and well cooked) 7. Calamar plate was like spring served on a plate. 8. Millefeuille 1K for desert. 

Thank you Andres, Florinon and all the staff of 1K Paris for the hospitality. 

Joana Vukatana1K Paris